By Your Side // The 1975

We interrupt this program to bring you a preview of something wildly techno. If you have a spare minute today (literally), go on YouTube and listen to The 1975’s  new charity single: a cover of Sade’s “By Your Side.” The full track hasn’t been released yet, so this teaser will have to do. Matty said the song was influenced by Bon Iver, Francis And The Lights, and Kanye West. And I can definitely see why. It has a very robotic, retro feel. It’s going to be good, and it might just be a taste of what the next album will be like…

Someone to Stay // Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Forever kicking myself because I didn’t go see Daughter and Vancouver Sleep Clinic (VSC) when I had the chance. But on the upside, VSC released the official music video for Someone to Stay last Friday, and it was as beautifully melancholy as the song. If you have a spare four minutes today, check it out. It’s almost spiritual, and has a distinct Stranger Things vibe. Oh, and did I mention I could listen to this guy all day?

Fallingforyou // The 1975

It’s been hard to give up social media. Especially when you think of cheesy captions for the photos you (used to) post on Instagram. Needless to say, it was hard to resist posting the photo I took of Laurel Falls yesterday, with the caption: Fallingforyou. But I just decided to sing it over and over while hiking down the mountain. I got a few pointed looks, but I also struck up a conversation with a girl who was at The 1975 concert in Atlanta last November. In a different state, what are the odds? Anyway, Matty made everyone sit down and turn off their phones during this song at the show. It was magic. I think that was the moment I decided to stop posting photos on social media, and be completely present for my experiences. So if you’re looking for a soft, meaningful tune to listen to, check out this song from The 1975’s self titled album. You might cry a little, or fall in love, but you won’t regret it.

Blue Ridge Mountains // Fleet Foxes

Maybe it was driving through Blue Ridge twice on our way to Tennessee today, or maybe it was because I’ve been craving new music from Fleet Foxes. Either way, I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head all day.  I heard a rumor they were getting back together a few months ago, and hopefully it’s true. If you’re looking for a folky, upbeat, exploring song, check out Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes.

Run // Coin

I just saw Coin at The 40 Watt in Athens last weekend, and it was an amazing show. I haven’t been able to get their songs out of my head since. It’s like I’m constantly streaming their album in my brain. If you listen to alternative music at all, I’m sure you’ve heard Talk Too Much on the radio. Amazing song, bumping with energy. But in honor of the release of their newest single, I Don’t Wanna Dance, I’m recommending you listen to all of their songs. Atlas, Fingers Crossed, and Time Machine are some of the most popular songs on their debut album. The song I’ve been singing all morning is Run. No matter which song you listen to, do yourself a huge favor and give this up-and-coming, Nashville based band a try.

Going to the Movies Alone??

Sometimes you have to watch Fifty Shades Darker (FSD) in a dimly lit theater by yourself. Gasp! I mean, everyone loves a good love story, right? Yeah, no. The Fifty Shades trilogy is anything but a good love story. Cinematic porn, or erotica, on the other hand… yep, that sums it up nicely. But people like it (including me)! I’m not going to delve into why we wanna watch a terrible, BDSM riddled, love story. Everyone’s kinky, it’s fine. What I do want to figure out is why there is such a stigma on going to the movies alone. My best friend is over a thousand miles away at college, and I’m obviously not going to bring my mom to watch FSD. Jeez, judgmental movie theater employees, give me a break.

Why can’t I treat myself to a night at the movies with a coke and popcorn, which always taste better there, without being looked at like I’m insane? It really wouldn’t have been that bad if an older woman in the theater didn’t approached me. She kept glancing back over a period of ten minutes while the previews were rolling. And she eventually stood up and climbed the stairs toward me. “Are you alone?” she hissed, a little too loudly to be considered a whisper. “Um, yes. I am.” “Oh honey,” she sighed, “do you want to come sit with us?” “No. I’m really okay,” I said flatly, already irritated. I guess you could argue it was a nice thing to do, but why would I want to sit with a random couple during a movie I chose to view alone?

Fast-forward to the end of the movie; I actually made it through the entire thing alone. Shocker. I avoided getting eaten by the creature that lives under the theater seats, said no to drugs, and I didn’t even think about being alone! There’s really nothing to worry about. Anytime you want to do something, do it. Don’t deprive yourself of an experience simply because you don’t have anyone to share it with. I know it’s hard. We become so dependent on other people to make us happy that we forget how to do it ourselves. But once you try it, you’ll have a greater sense of freedom. I’ve gone hiking alone, to concerts alone, and now I’ve been to the movies alone. And let me tell you, I had a much better time than I would have if I was huddled in my bedroom streaming it illegally on my laptop. If you’re doing what you love, you’re going to enjoy it no matter what. Don’t let anything stop you. Go for it, and ignore the concerned old ladies.

Work Song // Hozier

So it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about Hozier. I know he was protesting in a building in Ireland recently, taking a stance on homelessness in the country, but from the music side of things… nada. I listened to his album again today and it felt like coming home. He was the first artist I saw live, and I think Take Me to Church will be a classic in 30 years. Can you tell I’m feeling sentimental? Anyway, here’s to creativity, new tunes, and one of my favorite songs on the album: Work Song.