Chasin’ Honey // Wild Party

I was hoping to find a band that sounded exactly like COIN today. And I obviously couldn’t do that, but I thought this band was pretty similar. I listened to their album, and I didn’t think I liked it… until I started humming Chasin’ Honey a few hours later. So I listened to it again, giving them a chance instead of judging them on how much (or little) they sounded like COIN. I feel like they’re on the verge of finding their sound. Some of the songs are already there, but a few of them are lacking that signature something. This band has a lot of potential though, and I’m excited to see what they release next. Definitely give Wild Party a shot; see where they fall on your musical spectrum. And if you like them, listen to Walkin’ and When I Get Older, they’re really good tunes too.


Fleeting Light // S. Carey

Okay, you have to give this one a chance. I’ll admit, within the first five seconds I was wondering if it was a joke. But the song (and the entire album) turned out to be really good! Anyways, S. Carey drums for Justin Vernon. How cool is that? Naturally, it’s not a coincidence that some of his songs have distinct Bon Iver elements woven into them. However, I chose this song/album because it sounded entirely his own (even though Justin Vernon is featured in it… ironic, right?). But if you want to hear some Bon Iver-esque tunes, you can check out his other albums. He has a lot, and they’re all very different. You can also hear Justin Vernon’s voice in quite a few of the other tracks from this 2014 album: Range of Light. Oh, and try The Dome and Crown the Pines if you’re looking for something a little more traditionally indie.

Sleep On The Floor // The Lumineers

I think this song encompasses the idea of something simple, something more, what most of us are looking for. Whether it be wanderlust, the meaning or life, or just love.  All in all, this folk-rock band is encouraging you to follow your dreams. Because if you don’t, you’ll wake up and realize your life isn’t what you wanted. The music video for Sleep On The Floor conveys those things perfectly, and it might just break your heart. But maybe it will do more than that. Maybe it’ll inspire you.

Stranger // Amber Run

This song (and the entire album) is a perfect mix of echoing indie and ardent rock. I didn’t really know what to expect from the new album. But when I listened to the singles they released beforehand, I knew it was going to be good. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of Amber Run the next few months. So give this song or Haze, No Answers, Wastelands, Fickle Game, or the whole album a listen.

T.B.D. // Hanging Valleys

So the past three days, the songs of the day have been very chill indie melodies. I discovered them all on Wave of Good Noise, one of my favorite YouTube channels. This song is an echoing acoustic masterpiece. And no, that’s not an overstatement. T.B.D. is light, energizing, and inspiring. I want to drive down a misty road, with vibrant green forests blurring past my windows, blaring this song at full volume.

Millie & Ivor // Lists

As soon as I heard this song, I thought of my favorite Icelandic band, Asgeir. And I instantly I loved it, of course. My taste in music changes daily,  but my mood has been consistently indie this week. It should go without saying that this Scotland-based songwriter gave me exactly what I wanted. Millie & Ivor is simply ethereal.

By Your Side // The 1975

We interrupt this program to bring you a preview of something wildly techno. If you have a spare minute today (literally), go on YouTube and listen to The 1975’s  new charity single: a cover of Sade’s “By Your Side.” The full track hasn’t been released yet, so this teaser will have to do. Matty said the song was influenced by Bon Iver, Francis And The Lights, and Kanye West. And I can definitely see why. It has a very robotic, retro feel. It’s going to be good, and it might just be a taste of what the next album will sound like…

Someone to Stay // Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Forever kicking myself because I didn’t go see Daughter and Vancouver Sleep Clinic (VSC) when I had the chance. But on the upside, VSC released the official music video for Someone to Stay last Friday, and it was as beautifully melancholy as the song. If you have a spare four minutes today, check it out. It’s almost spiritual, and has a distinct Stranger Things vibe. Oh, and did I mention I could listen to this guy all day?