Your Hand In Mine // Explosions In The Sky

WARNING: This song is purely instrumental. It is not for those who only enjoy lyrics. Do not try this at home… Let me just say, I love this song. I can’t listen to too many instrumentals in a row because I get annoyed, but I can listen to this one on repeat. Explosions In The Sky do their thing so well, you hear the lyrics in your head. Your Hand In Mine is the perfect background music for any road trip, study session, or just taking a nap. So if you have a spare five minutes today, give it a listen, and tell me what you think!


Wish I Knew You // The Revivalists

This was the last song I heard on the radio before I went into work today… and  I didn’t automatically change the station, so that’s something. But seriously, I really like this song. It was released in 2015, but it has a very retro feel. I always want to dance, in the middle of the night, beside a dimly lit swimming pool, in a funky dress, when I hear this song. So give Wish I Knew You a listen if you haven’t already heard it and my description didn’t totally weird you out.

Give Me Something // Seafret

It’s been a long day, and Seafret’s songs are always full of emotion. I chose this one because it’s on the softer side, and I needed to relax. If you’re a fan of Kodaline or X Ambassadors, I think you’ll love Seafret. So unless your heart’s broken, check out Give Me Something… or any of their songs. I might be a little biased, but I think they’re all good.

Into the Night // The Electric Sons

I love love love this band. They popped up in my recommended videos on YouTube the other day, and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. Their songs sound familiar, even though I’ve never heard them before… or maybe I have (they’re based in Atlanta!). I’m always really excited when I find new artists, and knowing they’re local makes it even better for some reason. Anyway, if you like electronic/alternative music definitely give them a try. I recommend the EP this song came from: Golden Age.

Sometimes my mind goes somewhere else. I’m here. I’m present, but I’m also there. I can’t tap into that part of my brain. I feel disconnected, like the things I’m seeing aren’t real. Maybe it’s the space-time continuum, or maybe it’s a daily existential crisis. But I know that part of me exists in another place. I can’t access it, but I can feel it. I don’t know what Pink Floyd was talking about; I’m uncomfortably numb.

Trouble // Cage the Elephant

Trouble is definitely my favorite song on the radio right now. Every time it comes on I can’t stop smiling. I think its because Cage the Elephant’s initial vocals remind me of Arctic Monkeys, and it’s just a versatile tune. It’s great background music, fun to sing along with, and dance to. If you listen to alternative music, I’m sure you’ve already heard it (about 100 times). But if you don’t… check it out. I think you’ll like it.

Notion // Tash Sultana

I found the female version of Matt Corby and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been listening to Tash Sultana’s EP, Notion, all morning. The songs are fluid, the vocals are echoey, and my dance moves are erratic. My top two songs are Jungle and Gemini. If you’re in the mood for some island style electric guitar, check out Jungle. If you’re feeling something more psychedelic/borderline blues, give Gemini a try. And if you just wanna jam, listen to the entire EP. It’s ethereal.

Lose Your Mind // Kodaline

I love Kodaline. Their ranging vocals and passion-filled lyrics really resonate with me. But this song is completely different. I actually checked my phone multiple times to make sure it was them. That’s not a bad thing; I like it. I was just surprised. So if you’re a fan of Kodaline and you wanna hear something a little different, check out Lose Your Mind (the song sounds a lot like the title).

Maps // STRFKR

Your friends might give you a weird look if you try to pronounce this band’s name, but their music really is out of this world (wow so punny). Maps is by far my favorite song on STRFKR’s 2016 album: Being No One, Going Nowhere. Long story short, if you like Tame Impala, you’re going to love this band.