Chasin’ Honey // Wild Party

I was hoping to find a band that sounded exactly like COIN today. And I obviously couldn’t do that, but I thought this band was pretty similar. I listened to their album, and I didn’t think I liked it… until I started humming Chasin’ Honey a few hours later. So I listened to it again, giving them a chance instead of judging them on how much (or little) they sounded like COIN. I feel like they’re on the verge of finding their sound. Some of the songs are already there, but a few of them are lacking that signature something. This band has a lot of potential though, and I’m excited to see what they release next. Definitely give Wild Party a shot; see where they fall on your musical spectrum. And if you like them, listen to Walkin’ and When I Get Older, they’re really good tunes too.


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