Fleeting Light // S. Carey

Okay, you have to give this one a chance. I’ll admit, within the first five seconds I was wondering if it was a joke. But the song (and the entire album) turned out to be really good! Anyways, S. Carey drums for Justin Vernon. How cool is that? Naturally, it’s not a coincidence that some of his songs have distinct Bon Iver elements woven into them. However, I chose this song/album because it sounded entirely his own (even though Justin Vernon is featured in it… ironic, right?). But if you want to hear some Bon Iver-esque tunes, you can check out his other albums. He has a lot, and they’re all very different. You can also hear Justin Vernon’s voice in quite a few of the other tracks from this 2014 album: Range of Light. Oh, and try The Dome and Crown the Pines if you’re looking for something a little more traditionally indie.


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